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Mississippi 1-Stop

Welcome to the 1STOP online payment interface.
The 1STOP online payment interface has been updated to provide an efficient and friendly payment process.

Frequent Comments - Check here first

How much will my tag cost?
We do not have that information. Only your county tax collector can answer this for you.
The system cannot find my tag information, what can I do?
Please double-check that you are entering the tag and/or title number exactly as it appears on your renewal card.
Not all tags can be renewed online, if you're sure you've entered the information correctly and it still cannot be found, you may have to visit you county tax collector in order to renew your tag.
I've moved and the address listed is not where the tag/decal should be sent.
Do not renew online, you must visit your county tax collector to ensure the correct taxes are paid.

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MessageIf your message is Tag related, please include your tag or title number.
If your message it related to Property Tax, please include your Parcel number.